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It's always dusk at KDRV The Drive-In Lounge, and the show is about to start! We're a very unique online radio station featuring an eclectic mix of tunes from lounge & exotica to retro-modern artists, vintage rarities and classic movie music!

“The Cocktail Nation”

Saturdays & Tuesdays

“Evenings at the Penthouse”


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NOON & 7PM (Pacific Time)

Listen in to lounge Lothario Koop Kooper's terrific radio shows, 'The Cocktail Nation' & 'Evenings at the Penthouse'. Each week from high atop his penthouse bachelor pad in Sydney, Australia, he brings you the best in lounge & exotica music, swank advice, interesting guests, and the latest goings on in the retro world!

Due to a radio-active accident beyond human understanding, mild-mannered nerd Reginald Finkelblatt has been transformed into "Atomic Reggie"! He now toils as guardian of KDRV, The Drive-In Lounge, bringing you amazing music with a side of Z-movie trailers, and vintage snack bar ads for your listening enjoyment!​

A combo of eclectic artists and music you won’t hear anywhere else!

Broadcast Location

Los Angeles, CA

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